Second Home Destinations Contacts High Country Club Members

By: Destination Club News
Date: October 28, 2010

Just over a year ago, The Phoenix Club was introduced to High Country Club members. Created by former members and investors of High Country Club, The Phoenix Club would gauge interest in the their value priced clubs. The past year the club has continued to make progress on their launch and has recently rebranded as Second Home Destinations. Now the club is ready to move forward and has contacted members about their new venture.

Second Home Destinations Punta MitaRick Callahan, a High Country Club investor taken for over $1 million and a vocal critic of HCC executive Christian Kirschner, wrote to his fellow members earlier this week, updating the club about the two options available to members.


You are receiving this letter because you were a members of High Country Club. I was as well. Unfortunately, we both lost money with that club. You lost various amounts from initial deposits and dishonored reservations to wasted airfares. Personally, I put over a million dollars into HCC. I did so based on deceptive information that HCC was a sturdy and flourishing company. I lost that investment.

My name is Rick Callahan and, like you, I enjoyed the concept of great travel opportunities and the services of a club. Like you, I expected to enjoy those luxuries for a lifetime. It is for this reason I was compelled to establish a new membership club I could personally enjoy as well as offer to you. Let me introduce you to Second Home Destinations.

With a sound and functional business model, we have built upon the positive aspects of HCC, and eliminated the negatives. You can expect professional service with more efficient spending. We pride ourselves on keeping our dollars spent on our members to make their travels more luxurious and care free, not squandered on fancy offices, excessive executive salaries, and ineffective and expensive marketing. We run a tight ship. We understand the importance of a 'members first' approach to business. Without you we do not have a business!

I am writing this letter to former HCC members to say we would like you to join us. In an attempt to recoup some of what you've lost, Second Home is making the following offer:

We will give you 50% off your one time Membership Deposit. Only 25% of that already discounted amount will be due upfront and the rest can be paid off as you go with no interest. Everything that you pay past the initial 25% is refundable at any time.

Regular Membership Fee: $10,000
YOUR Membership Fee: $5,000
Due at Sign Up: $1,250
Balance remaining to be paid off before 5th year: $3,750 (entirely refundable)


We will give you a one year trial membership that will require no membership fee and Annual Dues starting below $5,000.

What's in it for Second Home? We get members who are already familiar with the vacation club concept and the style of HCC. We don't have to explain to you the economic benefits of club membership versus second home ownership. In short, having you as members benefits the club. We hope you'll feel that joining the club benefits you.

I spoke recently to a former club member who spoke wistfully about the several vacations she'd had with HCC. She explained that somehow life had gotten so complicated with long commutes, traveling sports teams, play dates, schools, longer hours at jobs, etc., it was harder and harder to connect with her family. If they got a few precious weeks together, they didn't want to take the chance that those little annoying hassles: no hot water, studio instead of three bedrooms, or an 'exaggerated' advertising brochure, would add tension instead of foster relaxation. She compared a hassle-free week with her husband and kids to a long hot bath. She would come home with a new perspective about what was important.

We want to encourage and facilitate those connections; for families, spouses, and friends. It's all set up ready to go. I believe we have tweaked the program to work more fairly and efficiently. We've tweaked it so it works, period.

Our new business model utilizes the current down market to offer flexibility and minimizes debt to protect the company so that this time it won't crash and burn.

We expect this to grow. We expect to profit and we expect to have a good time. We'd be pleased if you would join us...


Rick Callahan

While designed for members of High Country Club, the members of the now bankrupt Ultimate Escapes can also take advantage of these introductory offers. If you would like to learn more about Second Home Destinations, request more information and we will put you in touch with a club representative.